Superfood formulas for your everyday life.

Vibrational Elixirs brings you culinary discovery developed from interests in alternative foods, ingredient diversity, nutritional research, and the best everyday smoothie experience. Earth Mix gives you access to carefully dried PREMIUM raw wholefoods, proteins and extracts. All three flavors have you in mind with convenience and high end experience. Vibrational Elixirs has a mission to welcome flavor and color back into your life with packaging, presentation, and preferred recipes. Sprinkle Earth Mix on oats, follow our artisan recipes, take your smoothie or protein drink to the next level even on the go. Earth Mix is an extremely cost effective way for you to merge raw whole food nutrients into your fresh and frozen fruits, juices, plant milks and other house hold ingredients.  Its easy to recognize right away, that Earth Mix brings the flavor and nutritional punch you expect from premium whole foods. More than a protein drink, not just super foods, Earth Mix is a blend of culinary passion and proven nutrients. Your look and taste for smoothies, smoothie bowls, protein drinks, and wholefood energy will never be same after you experience Earth Mix!